Benchmark says Uber could be ‘comfortably’ worth over $100 billion in next couple of years

Uber investor Benchmark says the firm is confident about Uber, “Despite speculation to the contrary,” the firm wrote on Twitter today. In fact, Benchmark is “incredibly optimistic” about Uber’s future.

The firm went on to say Uber could be “comfortably” worth more than $100 billion in the next couple of years, according to its own analysis. Today, Uber is worth more than $60 billion.

“We have immense confidence in Uber’s 1000s of employees & are excited about what they will accomplish with the right new CEO,” the firm wrote.

Benchmark’s Bill Gurley reportedly played a big role in Travis Kalanick’s resignation as CEO. In June, Gurley left Uber’s board of directors and was replaced by Benchmark General Partner Matt Cohler.

Benchmark’s public support for Uber comes shortly after Uber co-founder and chairman Garrett Camp told employees Kalanick would not be returning as CEO of Uber.