Here’s an early look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We’re just weeks away from Samsung’s next major launch event on August 23, and already we have a full visual of the device it is expected to unveil — the Galaxy Note 8.

That’s courtesy of prolific smartphone leaker Evan Blasswho correctly detailed Samsung’s Galaxy S8 before it was announced earlier this year — and a couple of photos of the apparently upcoming phone that he posted on Twitter. We don’t have precise specs at this point, but we can deduce a few things from the top image beyond the dual-camera-dual-flash array on the reverse. It looks like the Note 8 will sport a fingerprint scanner on its backside next to the camera, like the Galaxy S8 — where it is fairly awkward — while it appears it will also borrow the S8’s Bixby button on its right side.

Another thing we know is that the Note 8 is likely to be the largest Note yet.

That’s not simply going on these leaked screenshots. Samsung dropped a major hint with its event invitation — ‘Do bigger things’ — while previous leaks have hinted at a 6.3-inch, 19.5:9 aspect ratio display which would really be something. Samsung has a lot at stake with this device, of course, given the recall of last year’s Note 7 due to battery issues that, in some cases, caused explosions.

Screens are a hot battle-ground for this year’s smartphone show ponies. LG is said to be prepping an AMOLED screen for its next flagship, Huawei’s CEO confirmed its upcoming Mate 10 will have a full-screen display, and there’s the 10 year edition iPhone, which looks like it will pack a lot of new features, including infra-red face unlock and an (apparent) bezel-less front screen.