McDonald’s is offering branded lazywear to celebrate you truly giving up

McDonald’s is offering delivery across North America through UberEATS, and in case you wanted to fully embrace what it means to order McDelivery to your home instead of mustering the energy to leave your shadowy lair for 15 minutes, it’s offering a special collection of branded loungewear that says “I earned this on-demand Big Mac with my suffering and self-neglect.”

The collection, which includes jogging pants, hoodies, a burger pillow, flip-flops, a onesie and more, is available on July 26 from select restaurant locations, for one day only. These will be included as surprise giveaways for delivery customers on that date, which works out perfectly because it’s also my birthday and I’ll be celebrating the occasion with a marathon of home-based McIndulgence.

Ordinarily, I’d clothe myself in the discarded wrappings from my fast food meals anyway, so using actual clothing instead of greasy waxed paper and soiled cardboard to protect my body from the elements will be a nice change of pace.