GoPro selects ten brands to be first to use the Fusion spherical camera

If you’re just now hearing that GoPro is shipping the Fusion, chances are you’re not on the list. The company selected nine organizations and one travel blogger to be the first to receive the camera company’s spherical camera. This pilot program clearly shows that GoPro expects the Fusion to be mainly used by professional content creators and brands instead of moms and dads at waterparks. And that’s probably the best.

GoPro says the Fusion should hit the market by the end of 2017 though the price is still unknown.

The Fusion stands apart from the rest of the GoPro line by capturing spherical content. Place it atop a car and the camera will capture a 360 degree view of the track. The sales pitch is editors can then select the most interesting bits around the track using just one camera. Traditionally, multiple cameras would have to be aimed at each direction, but with the Fusion, it captures everything.

GoPro’s early success came from getting their cameras into the hands of people who capture compelling content namely extreme athletes. And that’s what the company is doing here with the Fusion, too. Instead of releasing the camera with a flashy marketing campaign, GoPro is going to let these partners promote the Fusion camera.

GoPro says more than 20,000 applications were submitted. Right now just ten are going to get a Fusion camera to use but GoPro says it will select more partners over the summer. This list includes Golden State Warriors, USA TODAY NETWORK, FOX Sports, AccuWeather, Digital Domain, Getty Images, Legend 3D, Inc., Rapid VR, RYOT, and travel vlogger Louis Cole (FunForLouis).