Waze now lets iOS users record their own custom voice navigation prompts

Waze introduced a feature on Android that allows users of the app to record custom voice prompts, including turn-by-turn directions, and now that feature is available to iOS users, too. The latest update to the iOS Waze app adds Voice Recorder support, letting you make your own voice packs – and share them with friends and family.

The Voice Recorder feature guides you through the steps required to create your own custom voice packs, giving you a list of prompts, including time limits, and letting you record your own. This comes after Waze has done a lot to add celebrity voices on the service, letting you be your own kind of famous. If you’re an amateur voiceover artist, this could also just be some handy practice while you’re waiting for your big break.

Sharing of custom voice packs isn’t just designed for fun – Waze is working with high-profile YouTube Creators to help them create their own voice packs for distribution to fans. It’s easy enough for everyone to share, however; you can publish your own voice recordings via an easily sendable link.

A fun trick could be playing ‘opposite day’ and recording a voice pack of all reverse directions – makes a great surprise gift!