The Leica TL2 brings mirrorless cameras to point-and-shoot size, but for a price

Leica always has a new artisan camera up its sleeves and today’s announcement is no different. The T series cameras have always been the size of an everyday point-and-shoot, but the TL2 introduces a new 24-megapixel APS-C sensor, making it worth shooting with the interchangeable lenses that range from 17mm to 200mm in focal length.

It’s pretty impressive, no matter how you spin it or what your needs are as a photographer. However, if you’re a sports or action shooter then you’re going to scoff at the TL2’s continuous shooting speeds — it tops out at 7 fps (with mechanical shutter) and 20 fps (with electronic shutter).

The TL2 is worth taking note of because it allows Leica’s T series to stay competitive against the faster, more powerful mirrorless cameras, including Leica’s own SL mirrorless full-frame camera.

Since there’s no optical or electronic viewfinder (unless you consider buying one for the hot shoe mount), all your photos will be seen through the 3.7-inch LCD screen. Leicas aren’t known for their video prowess, but the TL2 does support recording in 4K up to 30fps, full HD at 60fps or 720p HD at 120fps for slow motion capture.

The TL2’s ISO ranges from 50-50,000, an improvement from the TL1’s max ISO of 12,500. While it means you won’t see everything in the dark, but nevertheless won’t be afraid to whip out the TL2 past golden hour. Like most other modern cameras, the Leica TL2 can be used remotely from a phone app, where you can then import and export images to social media.

Leica TL2s will be available at Leica boutiques and authorized retailers starting today, for $1,950 (body-only) in black and silver color options.