Watch this Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer made entirely on a 1984 Apple IIc

Sometimes I see something that makes me wish we’d never evolved our technological graphics capabilities beyond where they were at in the 1980s. This shot-by-shot remake of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer is such a thing.

Created by Twitter user Wahyu Ichwandardi, this was created using a vintage Apple IIc computer from 1984, using Dazzle Draw, a bitmap paint program from the same year. The project was stored on 48 floppy disks, and ended up at 6MB, which for the time was a crushing amount of data.

For comparison, here’s the original trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII, but spoiler alert – Ichwandardi nails it:

It only took him three weeks to create this very short clip, with a process that involved actually holding up transparent plastic sheets against the monitor. Someone start a Kickstarter or something to fund him doing the same thing for the entire film saga – should only take decades of work.