Ford GoBike launches in the Bay Area starting tomorrow

Ford’s GoBike dock-based bike-share program kicks off tomorrow, June 28 in the Bay Area. The program is being run in collaboration with Motivate, a platform operator and service provider for bike-sharing networks, and will offer up 3,500 bikes by summer’s end throughout San Francisco, the East Bay and San Jose. By the end of 2017, the plan is to have the network cover 546 stations with a fleet of 7,000 bikes, making it the second largest by fleet size and footprint in the U.S.

The launch of Ford GoBike was originally announced at an event last September, followed by news earlier in the month that it would be expanding beyond the small pilot to a footprint that includes San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Berkeley and Emeryville.

Ford says that it’s interested in finding out how to answer the increasingly varied transportation needs of city dwellers, especially now that areas are becoming more dense. The GoBike program launches just as it’s also expanding its Chariot shared commuter bus service, which is debuting in Seattle after beginning as a startup in SF prior to Ford acquiring the company last year.