Lyft adds pickup suggestions for smoother ride routing

Lyft will offer pickup suggestions in the latest version of the Android or iOS app, making it easier for drivers to pick riders up without having to do traffic gymnastics, while also hopefully saving riders time. The pickup suggestions only trigger when it’ll actually save you time as a rider, Lyft says, and they’re only ever within short walking distance, plus you can opt to stick with your original pickup spot should you so choose.

The pickup suggestions are available in every market where Lyft operates, and spell out explicitly how much time you’ll save by using them, accounting for walking time, and even factoring in stuff like time lost to crosswalks and traffic lights. Lyft rival Uber started testing suggested pickup points in 2015, and the app currently suggests those locations via green dots based on crowdsourced information about pickup history and other factors. Uber also allows users to decline pickup point suggestions.

Pickup suggestions should eliminate confusion and difficulties on both the rider and driver side of the Lyft equation, so it’s good to see this product update being rolled out by the ride hailing company. As mentioned, they’re rolling out across markets where Lyft operates, so expect to see them shortly provided your app’s up to date.