Watch this guy play Super Mario Bros. IRL in Central Park using HoloLens

Super Mario Bros. is iconic, so it’s a natural target for augmented reality development, where everything nostalgic is new again. This demo, created by Abhishek Singh, really is amazing, however. Singh recreated the first level of Super Mario Bros. as an augmented reality game on Microsoft HoloLens, giving himself a first-person perspective into a unique 3D look inside the classic setting.

This is a very cool interpretation of what it would be like to play Super Mario Bros. at scale in the real world, and the recording is taken directly from the HoloLens, with no post-production effects added. The video also includes an inset of Singh as seen by passers-by, where he looks like a total crazy person and doubtless fits right in among Central Park denizens.

Once AR hardware gets light enough and portable enough, you can actually see how stuff like this might be able to encourage people to get out and stay active. The real world, with like actual hikes and stuff, just gets boring so fast.