The law firm Cooley is updating its packet of startup tips and financing documents

The law firm Cooley is putting out a new package of seed investment documents for public viewing on its “GO” microsite, the firm said today.

It’s a way for entrepreneurs and early-stage investors and business owners to access what the firm considers to be best practices for early-stage investment and to streamline the process for committing capital at the seed stage.

The firm said its new release was prompted by the increase in convertible notes for early-stage financing.

Because the investment structure is so popular, and relatively uncomplicated, it’s quickly becoming a default structure for early-stage financing. The documents that Cooley is making public are the same ones it uses in the hundreds of transactions the firm has completed for startups.

The new documents also will be available on GitHub, where Cooley’s documents have received several comments from the community.

The company said that the new documents will act as a “fork” of the original GitHub repository under open source licenses and on the Cooley GO website.

Other documents that support signing agreements for seed-stage deals also are available on the Cooley site.

Any new business owner who wants can access and amend the Series Seed “Notes” and equity financing documents directly through Cooley GO’s document generators.