Take a first look at the Xbox One X hardware up close

Microsoft revealed the Xbox One X to the world today, proving that it thinks X is just the best letter. The new console is mostly an Xbox One, but with 4K HDR output capabilities and Dolby Atmos surround sound on board. From an exterior design perspective, however, what’s interesting about the Xbox One X is that it’s the smallest Xbox One Microsoft has ever made, despite also being the most powerful.

After the reveal we got some time to get up close and personal with the One X, to peek at its finishes, ports and angles. It was conveniently seated next to an Xbox One S, which meant you could easily see how it was more compact than its sibling. The design is even more conservative, too – it’s basically a no-nonsense black box that contains the most ambitious of console gaming power within.

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The Xbox logo is there on the front, along with a convenient front-facing USB port (there are two more on the back of the console). Next to that is the controller pairing button, then on the other side there’s an eject button, the disk slot and an IR receiver. On the right side of the choose there’s a “Hello from Seattle – Xbox One X” engraved message and the exhaust grill. Around back, you’ll find two USB ports, an HDMI in and HDMI out, an optical audio port and an IR out port, as well as Ethernet and a power cable port.

It’s a tidy little black rectangle, and it’s amazing to think that this will be able to generate the kinds of visuals Microsoft was showing on stage. We’ll get our first play time with the new console soon, so stay tuned for further impressions.