Samsung adds the S Pen to the Notebook 9 Pro, making its best Surface Book impression

Samsung’s favorite pen tool, the S Pen — with a 0.7mm tip, Windows Ink support, the capability to detect more than 4,000 levels of pressure and which hasn’t been featured since the Note 7 — has found its next host, a Surface Book competitor: the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro.

It’s not exactly similar in design approach to the Surface Book; the Notebook 9 Pro has a 360 degree hinge, but you still get what you’d expect: a pen tool, a detachable display from a metal laptop base and as many processing bells and whistles as possible. It’s also available in 13.3 and 15-inch versions, because why not?

The 13-inch version comes with 8GB RAM, while its bigger relative takes the 16GB RAM spot and the AMDRadeon 540 graphics card, but they both level out with specs by having small 256GB SSDs. Other specs that both sizes of the Notebook 9 Pro share are Windows 10 Hello login, USB-C ports, backlit keyboards and Core i7 7500U processors (2.70GHz, with turbo up to 3.50GHz).

Samsung is staying quiet about availability and pricing, but we’ll know soon enough.