Grab a Demo Table and pitch your startup at The Europas, June 13, London

During London Tech Week, The Europas Conference & Awards (in partnership with TechCrunch) will see the highest concentration of tech investors and corporate players in one place. No other event can match it. What better time to pitch your startup? But there’s more than one way you can make an impact with your startup there.

The first is the obvious Demo Table option. Because this year The Europas is at the spacious Here East venue, there is plenty of space to set out your stall (email for details) so you can really go to town.

The second is to get two tickets to cover your startup team. Get a demo table, and you get a discount on those tickets.

The third is to join PathFounders. PathFounders is the exclusive, invitation-only event for startup founders at The Europas. With this, founders get a special “founders and investors only” half-day, on the day before The Europas (which they also join, for the whole thing), where they have dedicated sessions on building their company and fundraising, and also get to pitch their company in front of some of Europe’s key investors.

The fourth is to join as many Breakout Sessions as you can at the conference. In the groups of less than 50 people, you can quickly identify the people you need to talk to in your sector.

The fifth is downloading the networking app, which will only be available to attendees of the actual event. So you can start networking well before the actual conference. (Details to follow for attendees only).

The sixth is, after all that, staying for The Europas Awards, where everyone relaxes and you get a chance to make casual conversation with all the VIPs and speakers at the conference. Because they will be there, and The Europas does not have a sectioned-off VIP area.

The seventh is looking out for the invited journalists attending from major tech titles, newspapers and business broadcasters.

Here’s the agenda for The Europas’ daytime conference and here’s the PathFounders‘ agenda:


• PITCHES: Founders, short pitches with slides
• How to build your brand – by Harry Stebbings of The 20 Minute VC
• Growth-hacking workshop – by Growth Tribe
• How to PR your company right! – by Collette Ballou of Ballou PR
• Raising money from Angels – by serial angel investor Jeremy Yap
• VC investor panel
• Designing Your Culture Workshop
• PathFounders Fun Activities

PathFounders is by invitation-only. You can apply in two ways. Either through literally pre-purchasing a ticket prior to selection or simply this form. (This ticket is for investors only).

Because the conference and awards are supported by TechCrunch, all PathFounders will get deep discounts to TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin, later this year.

The Europas Awards 2017 are held in association with London Tech Week and sponsors include Here East, Highland Europe, ihorizon, JAG Shaw Baker, Orrick, and Fieldhouse Associates.

Interested in sponsoring the Europas or hosting a table at the awards? Get in touch with:
Petra Johansson: