Judah vs. the Machines: The race for prowess against a toy car

In the latest installment of Judah vs. the Machines, Judah ventures down to Anki, a company combining augmented reality and artificial intelligence to entertain fans of racing games. Anki utilizes smartphone cameras and a dedicated app to recreate the imagery of racing battles happening on a real physical track in front of you.

Judah challenges three autonomous Anki cars to a death match, complete with weapons. The race takes place in the only way a lawless, all-out automotive war could take place — with all the road rage and raw emotion humans are capable of.

The nice thing about Anki cars is that they’re not designed to replace humans. They may actually be the future of leisure if robots wind up leaving us jobless. Anki’s technology is already ready for prime time; their high-tech cars can be found at major retailers.

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