Oculus software now fully supports three-sensor roomscale tracking

Oculus has a new update out for its PC software that brings roomscale tracking with three sensors out of beta, making it an officially and fully supported way of tracking a VR user in 360 degrees. The app update also adds improvements to multi-sensor tracking, including two-sensor 360, though that mode is still classified as experimental.

The update also now warns users when they’ve plugged their Rift into the wrong GPU on their PC, and you can also be made aware when your antivirus system or windows settings have stopped an application from completing installation. The UI for onboarding new users also gets a new short video about safety while using Rift and Touch, and you can optionally toggle health and safety reminders that display every time you enter UI – presumably this is meant to stop people getting bumps and bruises resulting from forgetting the real world exists while immersed in the virtual world.

Three-sensor tracking now also fully supports sitting and standing modes, too, so you can get the full range of VR experiences at a level of quality that Oculus feels comfortable no longer calling “experimental.” I’ve spent a lot of time using a three-sensor setup and can confirm that it feels pretty polished at this point, so this makes a lot of sense.