Watch two very different new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers


Spider-Man: Homecoming is not that far away now, set for U.S. release on July 7. The movie got two new trailers early Wednesday, including a U.S. version (above), and the International trailer (below). I was worried this was going to be a game of spotting minor differences, but it very much is not, as you’ll see for yourself.

The domestic trailer focuses a lot on Spidey’s suit, which is a gift from Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) and which is filled with top-tier tech. The Spider-Man of comic book lore is mostly a DIY inventor type with lots of science acumen, but the suit depicted in this trailer looks like an Iron Man armor without the armor, instead of a high school kid’s prize-winning science project.


Meanwhile, in that second trailer, we get a much better picture of what evil plan Spider-Man is trying to thwart in the movie. Someone’s apparently hoarding weapons and tech that pops up around Avengers battles across the globe. We also get Spider-Man vlogging the fight where he made his debut in Captain America: Civil War, which I’m sure is designed to maximize the YouTuber appeal.

You may have feelings about a tech-heavy Spider-Man suit or other aspects of this interpretation of the character, but it’s still shaping up to be better than any Spider-Man depicted in movies in recent memory.