Snapchat’s Bitmoji get changing expressions and Snapcode placement

Snapchat is deepening its Bitmoji integration – your Bitmoji, if you have one set up, will now appear within your Snapcode, and users can also now change their Bitmoji’s expression to reflect their mood when making edits to their cartoonish avatar in the app’s settings.

This seems like a small change, but the new offering from Snapchat actually gives you a lot of reason to interact with and update your Bitmoji, and makes that feature a more core part of user identity across the service. It’s weird, but Bitmoji actually does become important to Snapchat as a kind of a distinction mark as it faces increasing competition from others looking to copy what makes it unique, including Facebook.

The Bitmoji hedge seems like a long shot, but so did Spectacles, so who knows how far this part of Snap’s business can go.