Outreach raises $30 million pitching a tool sales teams can use to sell more and work less

Outreach, a software developer selling services that gives sales forces a needed prompt to more efficiently use their time and optimize sales, along with an organizational tool to manage their pitching process, has just raised $30 million with that very pitch.

The company touts its ability to triple the volume of meetings and increase the sales pipeline for front-line sales representatives.

Outreach works its magic by collecting data from a variety of sources including email and customer relationship management tools. It also automatically repopulates information back into existing customer relationship management systems.

Customers should think of Outreach as a layer of automation on top of the existing customer relationship management stack, according to Manny Medina, the company’s chief executive.

Indeed, writing in TechCrunch last year, contributor Karan Mahendru, a partner at Trinity Ventures agreed:

All of that said, the missing piece in this movement is sales automation. This will be a huge area of activity and acquisitions in the next few years as everyone tries to be the home screen for sales.

Companies like our new portfolio company, Outreach, and companies like SalesLoft and ToutApp are building the systems of action necessary to codify and apply essential productivity learnings and workflow solutions.

The sales tech stack is being built as we speak, and it’s happening in lockstep with the move from the one-to-many work of demand generation, to the one-to-one world of account-based sales and marketing. These trends are paving the way for the next generation platforms of engagement. For the first time, these tools and technologies are giving visibility into the “how” of sales, not just the “how much” which is both exciting and necessary.

In the end, the goal is to build software that actually helps salespeople close deals, not just add another reporting layer for management. We want software that allows sales professionals to be the best version of themselves.

The new financing was led by  DFJ Growth, while previous investors Mayfield, MHS Capital, Microsoft Ventures and Trinity Ventures participated in the funding. Four Rivers Group, another new investor, also came aboard.

To date Outreach has raised $60 million in venture funding.