Google’s Unique Reach tells marketers when you’ve seen the same ad a gazillion times

We have all suffered the pain of seeing the same ad for a BBQ grill we can’t fit in our apartment on our phone, tablet, laptop and work desktop. The duplication is not only annoying, it’s wasteful for advertisers.

At Google’s Marketing Next conference in San Francisco, the company announced Unique Reach, a new measurement tool that captures the number of times the same person has seen an ad. Unique Reach aggregates impressions across devices, campaigns and formats.

Unique Reach measures how many people are shown display and video ads and captures unique users in addition to average impressions per unique user.

Even if a marketer is justified in reengaging a target customer that has already seen and passed on an ad, it’s important that he or she knows they’re reengaging. Intentionality ultimately leads to more efficient ad spend and higher conversions.

Google says that Unique Reach reporting is available today in AdWords. DoubleClick support will be coming later this year. The feature might not be enough to stop advertisers from spamming you, but at-least they will have the metrics to feel guilty about it.