Vice’s Director of Mobile Apps Ben Jackson is creating his own startup advisory firm

Ben Jackson, whose résumé includes work at Vice Media and The New York Times, is launching a startup advisory firm called For The Win.

Jackson was most recently Vice’s director of mobile apps, where he said he created a team that built nine apps during his tenure, as well as the company’s first unified content API. He’s also worked at the iOS lead at Longform and as a mobile software engineer at The Times — he even wrote for TechCrunch Editor in Chief Matthew Panzarino, back when Matthew was at The Next Web.

Jackson said For The Win will work with startups in a variety of capacities — that includes advising them on design and technology, but also providing executive coaching and helping on the operations side. For example, one of his clients is marketing agency Spherical, where he said one of the key insights was “the need to build a stronger relationship between the ops-focused Managing Director and the CEO, who spends more time on strategic vision.”

He’s also working with Swing Left, where he’s helping the volunteer network (which is focused on defeating Republicans in the House of Representatives) improve how teams are collaborating.

“At VICE, Longform, and The New York Times, I was able to impact the lives of millions of people by helping to shape how they got their news as a developer and engineering leader,” Jackson told me via email. “I’d like to have an even bigger impact on an even larger number of people. Advising executives on strategy and making teams more effective is a natural next step.”