Convexum and Regulus Cyber CEOs to address drone security at TechCrunch’s Tel Aviv event

Israel is full of companies addressing the growing concern of drone security and we’re excited to announce the CEOs of Convexum and Regulus Cyber will speak on the topic at TechCrunch’s Tel Aviv Meetup + Pitch-off.

Consumer-grade drones are increasingly becoming a security concern as their prices drop and capabilities increase. Governments and private organizations are looking for ways to secure operations. Both Convexum and Regulus address the problem though through different means. Gilad Sahar’s Convexum developed a platform that takes over a malicious drone to allow it be landed safely while Yonatan Zur’s Regulus Cyber protects drones from remote hacking.

Both CEOs will take the stage at TechCrunch’s Tel Aviv Meetup + Pitch-off.

The event takes place at the end of June and we’re still looking for several companies to compete in the event’s pitch-off competition. Apply here. The first place winner gets a table in Startup Alley at the next TC Disrupt. Second place gets two tickets to the conference and the Audience Choice winner gets one ticket to the big show.

We’re excited to return to Tel Aviv. Last year’s event was amazing and we can’t stay away. General admission tickets are now available for purchase. We hope to see you there!

Gilad Sahar

As Co-founder and CEO of Convexum, Gilad is taking part in bringing innovative, safe and fully automatic counter-drone solutions to sports venues, critical infrastructure and private enterprises.

Gilad has more than 10 years experience as a leader in research and development projects related to protocols reverse engineering, dating back to his service in the IDF elite intelligence unit 8200 during which he won several accolades.

Following his army service, Gilad was part of the pioneering team of Cellebrite’s mobile forensic division, where he managed the decoding research efforts for four years and gave numerous talks in conferences and training. He also developed scientific algorithms for Paradigm Geophysical during his academic studies.

Yonatan Zur

Yonatan is the co-founder and CEO of Regulus Cyber which is developing an end-to-end security solution and a new standard for securing drones, robots and autonomous systems.

The Regulus Pyramid™ provides enhanced system security, enables robust, continuous and reliable operation in demanding environments, and provides critical mission enabling data – analyzed to the user’s operational needs. Pyramid is the first end-to-end Micro Electronic Countermeasure (MECM) system.

With background as a military pilot in the IAF, Yonatan combined his experience as a user of complex military systems with design skills, to work in the fields of digital and mechanical interfaces, operational requirements, HMI and UX/UI on unmanned and manned projects with leading firms like Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) & Elbit Systems.

Yonatan led and managed a three-year UAV squadron establishment defense project and oversaw operational requirements and HMI in IAI’s large-scale robotic unmanned “Taxibot” project.

Prior to Regulus, Yonatan co-founded SCREEMO, and holds a BA in Industrial Design from Bezalel and an M.A in Philosophy (Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University.