Udacity is going to help Facebook teach engineers within its Developer Circles

Facebook’s been steadily growing its Developer Circles initiative in recent months and today during its annual F8 conference the company provided an update on growth and announced a new partnership with Udacity. Developer Circles is Facebook’s community-driven initiative for engaging with and training developers.

Facebook’s VP of Partnerships, Ime Archibong, explained that more than 80 percent of engineers involved with Developer Circles are based internationally. This growth is healthy, but it’s not without its own unique logistical challenges. As of now, community leaders within Developer Circles help organize training, but with a new Udacity partnership, Facebook will be augmenting learning with formalized programs.

These new mobile developer courses will help get engineers-in-training up to speed on Facebook tools like Account Kit for building one-step logins into apps. Udacity says the courses will be free and require about 10 hours each to complete.

Topics could eventually cover the basics of using React and building bots in Messenger. The courses will be available within Developer Circles Facebook Groups and through the Udacity site.

This is not Udacity’s first partnership with a major tech company to produce content. Back at Google I/O in 2015, Udacity announced it was working to create an Android Development Nanodegree.