Facebook analytics gets smarter with Automated Insights and Custom Dashboards

Facebook’s VP of Partnerships, Ime Archibong, announced updates to Facebook Analytics as well as Facebook Login and Account Kit during his F8 keynote address. Analytics is getting greater customizability and a machine learning boost while Login and Account Kit are benefiting from additional transparency and accessibility.

Facebook analytics is a core product for businesses using the platform to drive growth. Today’s updates make it simultaneously easier to regularly monitor important metrics while increasing the value of individual insights. To this end, new custom dashboards put important reports on a single screen and enable users to put what’s important to them front and center.

But to actually provide deeper analysis, Facebook is integrating machine learning into its analytics platform. This opens up new possibilities for monitoring engagement and purchasing behavior in a relatively granular way. The tool can surface trends and present them to users in a ranked feed.

The company is also closing the gap between what happens in the world of social and what happens on brand websites and in brick and mortar stores. Businesses can now relate Page activity to purchases that occur on their websites. Omni-channel analytics also support offline conversions. To help organize customers across channels, Facebook is allowing for custom audience groupings and deeper user segmentation as part of a beta.

From within Facebook Analytics, users also can monitor Account Kit traffic. The tool makes it easy for users to log in to other apps and services, password free. Brands will further benefit from the ability to customize the design of the Account Kit login interface with company colors and relevant background images.

To maximize the audience that can benefit from Account Kit, Facebook is adding voice call support in 19 new regions. This offers an option other than SMS for users that might be unable to, or not want to, use text for verification. These same users will benefit from a new basic web SDK that opens up the swifter login experience to users facing low connectivity. Finally, all businesses can now implement account recovery using Facebook as an alternative to existing, clunky, password reset processes.