Accenture, can I ask you a few questions?

Hey Accenture, are you aware that your PR firm is pitching your latest corporate beta for a creepy face and emotion-monitoring algorithm as a party trick?

Do you know what a party is? Have you read the definition?

Would you call requiring people to download an app before they can get into an event a party-time kind of thing to do? Would you say that demanding that people scan their faces so they can be recognized by an algorithm fun times?

Does having that same algorithm watch and record every interaction that happens in the Austin bar or event space you’ve filled with some light snacks and a bunch of free liquor count as rockin like Dokken?

Do good hosts require people to become lab rats in the latest attempt to develop HAL?

Is monitoring patients’ faces in hospitals really the best way to apply the technology outside of your PartyBOT’s par-tays? Or is that also a creepy and intrusive use of technology, when other solutions exist to track actual vital signs?

What do your own office parties look like? Does Sam from the front desk have to try out the newest accounting software to get a drink from the punch bowl? Does Diane have to swear allegiance to Watson before grabbing that tuna roll? Do you throw them at Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar?

Does your soul die a little when you turn people into test subjects for the AI apocalypse?

Maybe after reading this press release, it should?

With the rise of AI and voice recognition, customer experiences can be curated to the next level. Imagine Amazon’s Alexa, but with more emotion, depth and distinction. Accenture Interactive’s PartyBOT is not simply a chatbot – it is equipped with the latest technologies in facial recognition that allow the bot to recognize user feelings through facial expressions, and words resulting in more meaningful conversations.

Featured at this year’s SXSW, the PartyBOT delivered an unparalleled party experience for our guests – detecting their preferences from favorite music, beverages and more. The PartyBOT went so far as to check in on every attending guest at the party, curating tailored activities based on their preferences. Link to video: (pw: awesome)

But the PartyBOT goes much further than facilitating great party experiences. Its machine learning applications can apply to range of industries from business to healthcare – acting as an agent to support patient recognition and diagnosis in hospitals that can recognize patient distress and seek the appropriate help from doctors.

If you would like to learn more about the PartyBOT, I’m happy to put you in touch with our executives to discuss the applications of our technology and potentially schedule time to see this in our studios.