Flying car maker AeroMobil picks up $3.2M to help it move toward production

AeroMobil, a European company that hopes to bring a flying car to market, has raised an additional €3 million ($3.2 million US) to help fund the production and demonstration of a new physical model of its vehicle, following the successful development and testing of the craft’s mathematical and geometric design.

The company has already been demonstrating the ability of its craft to successfully navigate both air and land, using the AeroMobil 3.0 prototype it debuted in late 2014. The pre-launch craft closely approximates the final version, and the company now says it’s even closer to that production craft, with the forthcoming physical model resembling closely the version intended for production.

AeroMobil’s new funding comes from individual investor Patrick Hessel, himself a founder of c2i, a maker of aerospace and automotive parts constructed from composite material. c2i is a supplier for AeroMobil, and recently sold a majority ownership stake to LG Hausy, an LG subsidiary that supplies lightweight components for use in aviation and automotive applications.