Clearmob uses AI to optimize your social marketing campaigns

A startup called Clearmob makes it easier for marketers to optimize their campaigns on social media. The company provides a dashboard that plugs into their Facebook account and can help make sense of their spend and provide suggestions for how they could better target potential users and customers.

Clearmob CEO Sophia Li spent several years as a digital marketer and is familiar with many of the problems associated with tracking and optimizing the amount companies spend trying to attract new customers or users. Rather than working on creative, she spent a majority of her time just trying to understand the effectiveness of the campaigns her company ran.

This is one of those problems where technology, especially technology with a robust data set attached, could do a better job than any human. Rather than tracking spend and conversions via spreadsheet, Clearmob’s team of data scientists believed that it could do a better job of determining what was working and what wasn’t.

With enough data, Clearmob’s algorithms could provide recommendations to help marketers optimize their spend. And it gives them the ability to act on those recommendations directly within its dashboard.

Clearmob raised a $2 million seed round with Binary CapitalĀ as its lead investor. In an email to TechCrunch, Binary managing partner Jonathan Teo wrote, “With its incredible ease of use, we are already seeing [Clearmob] become a must-have product for any company looking to navigate the increasingly complex world of online user acquisition and engagement.”

Currently Clearmob works for Facebook campaigns, but the company is looking to expand to other platforms. Clearmob’s customers include gaming and e-commerce companies that are looking to get more out of their social media budget. But it also has a growing number of small and medium-sized businesses who use it as a way to understand how much they should be spending on their campaigns.