Kevin Rose is going back to Cali — and joining True Ventures as a venture partner

Entrepreneur-investor Kevin Rose is relinquishing his role as CEO of Hodinkee, a New York-based site for wristwatch enthusiasts, and moving back to California.

According to a newly published Medium post, Rose will work as a venture partner at the early-stage venture firm True Ventures.

Rose was famously the co-founder of Digg, the once-popular link-sharing message board that was later sold to Betaworks for not much. By the time of its 2012 sale, Rose had already formed and sold his own startup incubator, Milk, to Google in an apparent acqui-hire, and was working for its venture arm, now called GV.

Rose later started another incubator, North Technologies, creating a news aggregation app focused on wristwatches that he merged with Hodinkee. He moved to Manhattan after that.

Now, Hodinkee founder Benjamin Clymer is returning to his former role of CEO, and Rose is off to the Bay Area offices of True Ventures, which, not coincidentally, is Hodinkee’s largest outside shareholder.

Indeed, it’s the firm’s “strong core values” and “approach to supporting founders” that’s drawing Rose there, he said in his Medium post.

Rose said he also plans to continue “creating products that improve people’s lives.”

Presumably, some of that work will center on his newest app, Zero, which aims to help people who are fasting from food. Rose announced the app to the world in late December.