A new app lets you list and Shout

Shout is a sharing app. Think of it as a stripped-down Pinterest for those with no interest in messing with pretty photos of cookies and you get the general idea. And I think, with a little work, it could be a go-to collaboration tool for partners shopping for supplies, couples interested in not buying two boxes of beans at the grocery store, and a micro-blogging platform for the plugged in.

To use it you create lists and then add items to those lists. The lists can be collaborative and public so anyone can add items to the list. You can share lists with friends and share single items from lists. The virality is embedded in the process so the more lists you share the cooler your Shout app becomes.

The creator, Jeff Weisbein, started a blog in 2003 called BestTechie and most recently created a sharing service called KYA before creating Shout. “I want to provide an easier way to save, share, and curate content for yourself and/or with friends and followers,” he said.

Weisbein raised $450,000 from angels and they’re working on a Seed Round of $1.55 million. They just launched Shout so they don’t have many numbers yet but it looks like things are on an upward swing.

“Our mission with Shout is to make it incredibly easy to save, share, and curate content. One of the core features in Shout is the three types of ‘Lists’ (Private, Public, and Collaborative), the ability Shout content with your family and/or friends to a single list, and the fact you can easily follow a curated list with content that interests you curated by a human,” he said. “For example, my mom created a private, collaborative list called ‘Mom Links’ and Shouts content to it that she wants me to read/look at. I love tech, so I created a public ‘Tech News’ list where I Shout tech news stories I think are interesting, cool, and important.”

While I agree that what the world needs now is another social media platform like I need a hole in the head, Shout is a bit different and a bit more interesting. I can see this as a next-generation Tumblr wedded with a To-Do list, a perfect futuristic hybrid of utility and pleasure that will democratize media and all that jazz. It could also be a cool way to see who likes Grace Slick. We shall see.