Amazon’s Music VP Steve Boom will tell TechCrunch Disrupt how the future sounds

Alexa voice control and Prime’s subscriber base have suddenly made Amazon a real contender in music alongside Spotify, Apple and YouTube. But what does it really take to come out on top in the crowded space of streaming music?

At TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY conference in May, we’ll ask that very question to the most aptly named executive in tech, Amazon’s VP of Music Steve Boom. Formerly a 10-year Yahoo employee who ended up as an SVP before working at location startup Loopt, Boom will discuss the shifting dynamics of the digital music economy.

Will Amazon do for musicians what it did for book authors, democratizing access to an audience willing to pay? And will streaming services have the same impact on record labels as they did on book stores, replacing the physical distribution channels with a convenient but frighteningly centralized repository of content?

How will voice control change music consumption? What differentiates Amazon Music? And will Amazon fund original audio content the way it produces shows for Prime Instant Video?

Get your tickets for Disrupt NY to hear Boom speak about how commerce and content will intertwine.

Steve Boom joins a variety of all-star guests, which you can check out here.

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