Apple finally kills off 16GB iPhone SE, now you get 32GB for $399

Rejoice lovers of petite-sized iPhones, for Apple is granting additional storage bounty — announcing today it’s doubling the current storage capacity of the iPhone SE.

The new four-inch-display iPhone comes with either 32GB or 128GB onboard storage, replacing the prior 16GB and 64GB models — but with only a small price-tag bump for the more capacious model (+ $50, to $499), and no price change for the $399 starter model.

As with all iOS devices, there’s no ability for users to expand storage capacity themselves via a removable memory card. You get what you’re given on the storage front — so being given more is very welcome.

Cupertino launched the iPhone SE a year ago, reviving the four-inch display design it debuted on the iPhone 5, back in 2012 — throwing a bone to lovers of smaller phones. Yet not throwing in a whole lot of storage.

Indeed, Apple has been criticized for continuing to sell a handset with just 16GB of onboard storage in an age of smartphone-powered rich media sharing. And, well, it finally looks to have listened — keeping the $399 starter price for the cheapest iPhone SE but doubling the storage.