The Lucid Air electric car starts at just $60,000 – before tax credit

Lucid’s first electric vehicle doesn’t cost what you think it does – the company revealed basic pricing information for the Air on its blog, basically just to mute speculation that its price tag would begin north of $100,000. The Lucid Air’s actual price will start at $60,000, hitting $52,500 once you apply the federal tax credit for EV buyers.

That’s for the base model, of course, but the base model sounds relatively well-equipped, with a 240-mile range on a single charge, 400 horsepower from its rear-wheel drive motor and all the sensor and computer hardware on board for a future update to provide autonomous driving.

Lucid’s other base model features include trunks at both front and rear, power front seats, four displays (three of which are touch-sensitive) and a 10 speaker audio system. The upgrades available on higher trim models include 315 and 400 mile batteries, a boost in horsepower up to a max of 1,000 HP, a glass canopy roof and more. Top line models will run north of $100,000, Lucid says, but it’s not revealing exactly how much more.

The first 255 Lucid Air vehicles off the line will be special Launch Edition cars with unique trim, including 315 miles of range, 1,000 horsepower and better in-car audio – these will also be priced above $100,000, but it sounds like they may differ from the general production top trim vehicles in at least a few regards.

Lucid’s already seeking reservations for the Air, with a $2,500 deposit required for the standard production models, and a $25,500 commitment required for those first 255 special edition vehicles.