UberEATS debuts Restaurant Manager to give food businesses actionable data

Uber’s overall business may be facing a metric ton of trouble, including sexual harassment allegations and corporate culture issues, a new Waymo lawsuit, and a CEO temper tantrum caught on tape, but it’s still getting new product out the door – including UberEATS Restaurant Manager, which debuted Thursday.

Restaurant Manager is basically an analytics platform for the restaurant partners participating in its food delivery service. The web-based dashboard provides clear, simple visuals and metrics around what customers like and don’t like about your business. It can help track specific feedback around menu items and dishes, and give you an overall health checkup of how satisfied customers are with your restaurant overall.

A data-driven approach to food service made possible by apps and tech tools isn’t exactly new – Yelp, Foursquare and others have sought to provide hard numbers to business owners as a means of encouraging them to build out their platforms’ appeal to consumers. But UberEATS’ info seems like it could be quite a bit more granular when it comes to menu management.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4g3vlTIuo0]

UberEATS says its analytics and dashboard also have the potential to improve other aspects of the business, including demand and inventory prediction, and preparation time. The platform is available to any restaurant already using UberEATS, via a new analytics tab on its primary partner-facing restaurants website.