The Pixel 2.0 is a tiny OLED screen for your wearable Arduino pleasure

The tiny Pixel 2.0 is basically an Arduino board wedded to a tiny 1.5″ 128×128 color OLED screen. This means you can stick it inside a wearable and address the screen directly from the Arduino board, an improvement on current “solder the screen to the Arduino and hope it works” world of DIY electronics.

This teeny-weeny board costs $75 on Kickstarter and should ship in June. It’s completely open source so you can dig into the schematics, build your own, or generally do whatever you want with it. An on-board SD card slot lets you store data like games and videos and you can program graphics to the screen using the Arduino SDK.

The Pixel 2.0 has surpassed its goal of $5,000 so it’s ready to ride.

This is the second version of the Pixel created by Rabid Prototypes of Boston. They also make a nice high speed Arduino board called the Neutrino and offer lights, motors, and other gadgets for your DIY funhouse. I’d love to see a micro arcade game running on one of these things and, given the acceptable pixel density, it sounds like it just might work.