SpaceX will send 2 people on a trip around the moon next year


Elon Musk promised some SpaceX news today, and it looks like it just made its way out: The company is going to send two people on a trip around the moon.

But don’t go getting fitted for your spacesuit just yet — the two people have already been picked, and SpaceX says they paid “a significant” (but undisclosed) amount for the privilege. The identities of the two space travelers was left unannounced. SpaceX notes that training will begin later this year (and that they’ll say more about who it is once the health tests are cleared).

Elon noted that the passengers will be traveling in a Dragon 2 capsule, powered by SpaceX’s still-in-design Falcon Heavy rocket. They’re going to do four missions before this one, though, all to the International Space Station rather than the moon: three carrying cargo, and one carrying a crew.

Worth noting: They won’t be landing on the moon — they’re going to blast around it and return back to Earth. Either way, this could very well be the furthest any human has gone into space in decades.

Now to figure out who the hell the two mystery spacefolk could be…