Ford patents a head rest specifically designed to hide a travel pillow

Ford might have just solved a question that puzzled the automotive industry for eons: Where does one store a travel pillow in a car? On the floor? In the trunk? In an NPR tote bag in the backseat? Nope. Ford wants to store a travel pillow in the head rest, of course.

This new patent filing by Ford illustrates a secret compartment built-into a vehicle’s head rest. There’s a little door that when removed reveals a travel pillow — you know, the kind that wraps around a neck and is just moderately more comfortable than resting your head on a shoe.

Ford notes in the filing that car headrests are not designed to facility a comfortable snooze. They’re designed to combat whiplash. Therefore, this patent, if implemented, would provide a solution for passengers to snooze comfortably while utilizing unused space in the vehicle.