SpaceX’s Dragon cargo spacecraft successfully attaches to the ISS

SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft, which launched on Sunday and is filled with 5,500 pounds of supplies and experiment materials for the crew of the International Space Station has successfully docked. The Dragon craft had missed its first attempt at meeting up with the station, due to a GPS error.

It’s the first time since 2012 that SpaceX has had to abort an attempt to dock one of its supply ships with the ISS, but the second try on Thursday morning seems to have proceeded without any issues. The Dragon craft was captured by the ISS’s robotic arm, which then brought the capsule and its large cargo attachment in to dock with the station itself.

The capsule’s equipment will be transferred over the course of the Dragon’s one month stay at the ISS, after which it’ll make the return trip to Earth with a planned splashdown in the Pacific Ocean.