Watch 500 Startups Demo Day today

TechCrunch is pleased to bring you 500 Startups Demo Day today, February 15th at 12:00pm to 3:00pm PST.

If you are just tuning in, 500 Startups is an accelerator and seed fund headquartered in Silicon Valley. The accelerator runs a four-month program for startups providing mentorship, trainings with startup experts, office space and investment. 500 Startups runs globally in over 60 countries, with a community of over 1600 startups and 3000+ Founders. Take a look at the 500 Startups Batch 19 Demo Day here:

Almabase : Almabase makes it easier for schools to tap into the immense value of their alumni community through better community engagement and data.

Ambience Data : Ambience Data provides real time environmental insights to mitigate health risks worldwide.

Aumet  : The first B2B platform to help medical manufacturers to increase their sales in remote markets

Baloonr : Removes bias from group work and decision-making.

Bstow : Bstow is a donations platform as a service. Our platform lets consumers donate spare change automatically from everyday purchases. We are already working with enterprise partners such as Barclays Bank.

Cardlife : Cardlife helps businesses to take control of their subscriptions.

ChangeJar : ChangeJar is a mobile cash payment platform for retailers who want more transactions with higher margins

ClaimCompass : ClaimCompass will get the airlines to pay you up to $680 for your delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight.

CloudCoffer : CloudCoffer is a plug-and-play network security device that shields businesses of any size from external and internal hacking with the most scalable and affordable network protection in minutes. : Rare coffees from small-batch roasters.

EventXtra : EventXtra helps companies host successful event with one-stop management platform.

Fingertips Lab : IoT device and mobile app allows you to engage with your phone while driving, eyes free

Flye : Flye connects companies with their targeted audience through social media geo-fencing and analysis

FUEL : Intelligent Nutrition Engine analyzing your genetics, lifestyle, and body metrics to optimize and deliver the perfect meals for you.

Fueling Clover (Gaspos) : Payment platform for the fuel industry.

Gestoos : Gestoos is a computer vision software platform that enables natural, intuitive interactions with digital devices and smart environment by understanding human gestures and movements.

Gluwa : Gluwa is a blockchain-powered banking platform to send and receive money automatically and privately for businesses.

GymHit Software : GymHit seamlessly automates everything from booking to billing for a fitness business. GymHit works as a standalone solution as well as integrating with other enterprise billing systems to provide a more modern front end consumer interface for their clients.

Homigo : Homigo proactively handles all aspects of home maintenance and repairs so that you can forget about it.

iControl : iControl replaces paper with an app at construction sites, cutting the time spent on daily reports in half.

IDwall  : IDwall solves the problem of lack trust and credibility on the digital age by verifying documents, identity and doing background check in a scalable and reliable way.

InnerSpace : Like GPS does outdoors, our instant mapping and location platform transforms our experience indoors and captures the data on how people interact inside.

KiLife Tech  : KiLife Tech is child safety in a wearable, creating mobile boundaries to prevent young kids from getting lost.

Kompyte  : “Kompyte is a competitor tracking software that alerts you in real time when your competitors make changes to their websites, products and digital marketing campaigns. ”

Lawtova  : An online legal marketplace enabling attorneys to connect and work with curated freelancers for legal jobs and projects

Mashvisor  : Mashvisor helps real estate investors quickly find traditional and Airbnb investment properties. A research process that’s usually 3 months now can take 15 minutes. We provide all the real estate information in easy to understand visualizations.

MojiLaLa  : Emoji marketplace for independent artist and designers from all over the world.

MyFavorito  : MyFavorito is the B2C CRM platform for customer-loving brands and retailers to build vibrant, personal relationships with their millions of customers and increase engagement, store visits, loyalty, referrals, sales and growth significantly.

OpenDoor  : Coliving Shared housing for lifestyle and affordability

OWLR  : OWLR’s software coverts commodity home security cameras into a smarter, simpler and even more secure system for parents and home owners.

Park Evergreen  : Park Evergreen is a parking management software that runs entire parking facilities without relying on humans or hardware.

Pawprint  : Digitizing pet medical records.

Pluto AI : AI powered analytics platform for water companies to prevent water wastage, predict asset failures, and minimize operating costs.

RocketBolt  : RocketBolt’s email & website tracking helps sales teams expertly time followups and efficiently capture lost revenue from valuable lead lists.

Scopio  : Getty Images for User-Generated Content

ShearShare : ShearShare connects salon owners to independent stylists to fill empty salon chairs.

Sickweather  : Population health forecasting

Tagove  : Tagove connects sales and support teams to online customers through live video chat and co-browsing

TalentBase  : TalentBase is a HR & Payroll software for SMEs across Africa

Teleport  : Turn any video into a scrollable, immersive and interactive website

UNICORN  : Stylsih Skincare brand for the modern man.

WeAreOnyx  : Premiere Beauty Box Subscription for Black Women