Xbox Project Scorpio will finally get some face time at Microsoft’s E3 Event

This year’s E3 promises to be a big show – if only thanks to the fact that the gaming convention’s organizers are opening it up to the masses. As expected, Microsoft is going to add considerable fuel to that fire as well, making the mysterious Xbox Project Scorpio a centerpiece to its own big event.

Carve out some time on Sunday, June 11th, because that’s when the company plans to shed more light on the high-powered console it teased at the end of last year’s press conference. Like that announcement, today’s tweet doesn’t offer a heck of a lot in the way of detail, though the image will prove familiar to anyone who watched that event.


The console, which is planned for this holiday season, looks to push the company’s gaming offerings into 4K an truly bring the gaming ecosystem into the world of virtual reality. It’s also said to be compatible with the Xbox One’s game and peripheral offerings.

From the looks of it, Microsoft might not be offering up all that more info until June rolls around.