Jaguar launches in-car payments at Shell gas stations

In a first for in-car convenience features, Jaguar is teaming up with Shell to launch a new payment feature that lets you use Apple Pay or PayPal (with Android Pay coming later on) to easily pay for gas right within their vehicles at the pumps. The feature is coming to the UK first, but will roll out around the world after that.

The feature requires installation of the Shell app to make the payments possible, but it’ll show up on your Jaguar’s in-car infotainment touchscreen display once installed, You can then pay using either your PayPal or Apple Pay credentials as mentioned, and all of this is available as of Wednesday in the UK – provided you’ve got a new model Jaguar XE, XF and F-PACE car.

The app lets the driver select how much gas they want, then pre-pay for their fuel. It also shows a receipt of the payment on the display itself, and forwards along a copy to your email address.

It’s true that a lot of pumps support payment at the pump via credit or debit card, but this is an even more convenient system since you never even have to take out your wallet. It’s also a sign of things to come – in-car payment methods that use retailer and service provider apps, combined with stored digital payment methods like Apple and Android Pay, as well as instant receipts and transaction records seem like a huge opportunity, now that vehicles are increasingly networked and equipped with geolocation services.

Here’s hoping Jaguar owners aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy this luxury for long.