This Lucid Air electric car winter test video reminds us snow can be good

[vimeo 203222817 w=680 h=383]

Lucid’s Air is a 1,000 HP electric dream car, which is still in the early stages of real-world testing, but which already has more than a few EV fans excited. Now, the company is showing off its winter conditions testing, courtesy of a video shot in Minnesota that makes the state far more appealing than any tourism bureau marketing I’ve ever seen.

The video includes footage shot during the Lucid team’s testing, which was designed to help it prove out its computer-based simulations in actual snow, ice and mixed road conditions. The temperatures during these drives reached lows of -18F, which is cold even by my subarctic Canadian standards.

As anyone who does a lot of snow driving can tell you, all we do is try to achieve maximum, Fast and Furious-style drift arcs, all the time – whether we’re out for a quick trip to grab some groceries, or just doing our daily commute.

No but really this looks super fun, and yet also under control (at the hands of experts, of course), which is right in keeping with Lucid’s pitch that the Air will be a vehicle built for drivers. The Air is still aiming for 2018 for a production time frame, and should hit around the $100,000 mark for pricing, in case you want to start saving those pennies for this winter warrior.