GM’s Maven car sharing service makes its way to Atlanta

GM’s Maven car-sharing service has now launched in Atlanta, its 17th North American city, where it’ll offer a fleet of 50 cars spread across 20 pick-up locations. Maven launched in January 2016, and began a rapid series of expansions that took it to locations across the U.S. throughout last year. It allows users to rent GM vehicles on-demand for short periods, similar to how Zipcar and car2go operate, without any membership fees.

Maven also revealed that it now has over 20,000 members signed up, and that combined its users have traveled a total of 57 million miles thus far. Maven offers a range of top trim GM vehicles, including Chevrolet and Cadillac options, and all come with on-board connectivity, with rental fees covering not only time with the vehicle, but also mileage, gas and insurance costs.

GM continues to explore a number of different alternative transportation solutions as it looks to grow beyond traditional car sales, but Maven may be one of its more interesting current efforts, especially once you start looking ahead to a future where automakers employ autonomous fleets to support shared ownership models.