Ford plug-in hybrid sales rose 38% in 2016

Ford saw some significant year-over-year growth in its plug-in hybrid sales in 2016, despite gas prices that on average saw historic lows throughout the year. The total number of hybrids sold by Ford numbered 23,895 – which doesn’t seem like a lot, but in relative terms it’s a large jump, and Ford’s hybrid lineup is still relatively modest and focused on only a few market segments for now, while the company has big plans to expand its offerings by 2020.

Ford’s current lineup includes the Fusion Hybrid, C-MAX Hybrid, C-MAX Energy and Focus Electric, as well as the Fusion Energy, which saw its highest ever growth in sales during 2016 with a 63 percent increase over its sales in 2015, helping drive Ford to its record 18 percent ownership of the total electrified vehicle market during the most recent sales year.

Not surprisingly, the coasts are hot spots for sales of Ford’s hybrid lineup, including the Energi, which saw sales double in the New York area, and continues to see strong sales in both LA and California. Ford’s also emphasizing that this uptick in sales is especially noteworthy not just because consumers have typically shown decreased interested in electrified vehicles when fuel prices go down, but also because car sales overall saw a big dip in the year vs. SUV and crossovers, which are seeing significant growth.

All of which suggests Ford will remain committed to its goal of offering a range of 13 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2020, including a fully electric SUV with a max range of at least 300 miles per EPA rating standards. The category may still be very young, and small in relative terms to overall vehicle sales, but growth like this bodes well for long-term trends.