Logitech now offers the easiest way to get Amazon’s Alexa in your car

Some car makers are experimenting with putting Alexa in their vehicles, making it possible for drivers to access Amazon’s voice assistance while driving, but Logitech has a new feature that makes it possible to get in-car Alexa access without waiting for infotainment system integration.

The new Logitech collaboration with Amazon’s Alexa service adds Alexa voice control to the suite of features available on Logitech’s ZeroTouch smart car mounts, which include both its air vent and its dashboard models. These hardware accessories work with Android phones, letting you instantly access Logitech’s ZeroTouch app to do things like make voice calls, dictate texts and use apps hands-free.

Now, the list of things you can do with ZeroTouch include all of Alexa’s 8,000-plus skills, which include smart home control features, checking the weather, getting news briefs or having audio books read aloud to you. With things like the Logitech Harmony integration, you could even have your home theater booted up and waiting for you as you pull into the driveway, for instance.

This is a smart way for Logitech to help make its ZeroTouch hardware and app integration stand out from the growing number of options available for in-car interfaces on mobile devices, which now also include Google’s own Android Auto offering on Android smartphones. Alexa has huge potential as an in-car interface, because of its nearly exclusive reliance on voice-based input, and the price of entry for ZeroTouch is incredibly modest at either $59.99 or $79.99 depending on whether you want the Air Vent or Dashboard mount, respectively.

That’s a lot cheaper than a new car or even third-party dashboard unit will cost, and even then you actually can’t get Alexa in the car via either of those two methods just yet.