Watch all videos from the 10th Annual Crunchies Awards

Here’s every segment from last night’s awards show.

1. Opera Opening

2. Chelsea Peretti’s Opening Act

3. Kirsten Green wins “VC of the Year” 

4. Naval Ravikant wins “Angel Investor of the Year”  

5. Snapchat Spectacles wins “Best Hardware” 

6. Project Include wins the TechCrunch Include Award 

7. CRISPR- CAs9 wins “Best Technology” 

8. Kapor Center for Social Impact wins the Social Impact Award  

9. “Ode to Failure” Opera 

10. Pokemon Go wins “Best App” 

11. Jeff Lawson wins “Founder of the Year” 

12. Snapchat Spectacles wins “Best Startup Video” 

13. Otto wins “Hot New Startup” 

14. Slack wins “Best Startup” 

15. 2017 hottest new app pitches from Chelsea Peretti