Hardware Battlefield winner CubeSensors is reborn as Klevio

You’re not losing a CubeSensor. You’re gaining a Klevio! Or something. CubeSensors, the company created by Ales Spetic, has folded itself into a wireless access company called Klevio to bring the tiny tech necessary to allow for keyless entry into homes and apartments.

CubeSensors participated in our Hardware Battlefield and brought a set of clever environmental sensors to market that married striking design with new particulate sensing technology. That was yesterday. The new hotness is locks. Luckily owners of CubeSensors will still be able to use their devices as the team moves into the door space.

“We’ve already started to install first devices in London in the beginning of the year, where we plan to run a pilot on them for a couple of weeks,” said Spetic. “All together a few hundred devices. We plan to launch in spring commercially. We target residential users first, and running a few test project with some potential partners for other verticals.”

The new company will produce retrofit locks that connect to each other and act as both locks and intercom controls. Originally called Sherlock, these locks are currently in 300 homes in London and merged with CubeSensors to bring further features to the locks.

Spetic points out that he’s proud not to the leave CubeSensors owners high and dry.

“The one thing that I would like to point out about CubeSensors is that we’ve made sure that the devices will still work even after CubeSensors as a company is closed. I think that’s a strong message for everyone working with HW and treating customer right,” he said.