PIQ shows off connected ski prototypes that display real-time analytics

Now that we’re halfway through winter, what better time to unveil a pair of smart skis? The prototype is the product of a collaboration between two French companies — PIQ and Rossignol — what the pair are referring to as “first-ever connected ski,” bringing a crawl-style LED to the ski itself, just in front of the binding.

Using data gathered by PIQ’s Robot nano-computer, the skis, gather up metrics like speed, turning angles, and transitions, displaying information in real time on the ski itself. The Rossignol Hero Master skis are still prototypes, but marks a logical step for PIQ, which creates sensors for a variety of sports, like boxing, tennis and golf.

What sets this system apart from the company’s current offerings, however, is that direct integration, bringing the display directly into the sports equipment itself. Though whether skiers are looking to have that data delivered to them while on the slopes is another question entirely.

From the sound of it, the info displayed at present is more about interesting analytics than safety measures, ultimately sounds like more of a distraction than anything. The skis will be shown off for the first time this week at the ISPO 2017 sports business show in Munich.