New York attorney general accuses Charter Spectrum of ‘fraudulent and deceptive practices’ in suit

New York State attorney general Eric Schneiderman isn’t mincing words in his State Supreme Court lawsuit against Charter’s Spectrum cable, the ISP formerly known as Time Warner Cable.

“The allegations in today’s lawsuits confirm what many of you have long suspected,” Schneiderman said during a press conference today. “Spectrum-Time Warner has been ripping you off.”

The equally blunt suit, which follows a probe late last year, accuses Charter of over promising and under delivering, misleading and defrauding users in the process. It cites Spectrum’s inability to deliver on promises of such standard content as Netflix and gaming.

The AG touched upon evidence, including internal emails acknowledging that Spectrum was unable to deliver speeds promised to customers in its press material. According to the suit,

From at least January 1, 2012 to the present, Spectrum-TWC conducted a systematic scheme to defraud and mislead subscribers to its Internet service by promising to deliver Internet service that it knew it could not and would not deliver.

The company issued a statement to Reuters that reads less like a denial than an insistence that it’s trying to get better. It responded, “Charter has already made substantial investments in the interest of upgrading the Time Warner Cable systems and delivering the best possible experience to customers.”