Here’s how to watch Super Bowl highlights in VR during the game

FOX Sports just announced that they will be streaming Super Bowl highlights in “near real-time” in VR via their FOX Sports VR App.

Specifically, the app will show somewhere highlights consisting of 16-20 of the best plays of the game in VR. These plays will be uploaded in near real-time, so you can ideally see a great play on TV and throw on a headset to check it out from different angles.

Of course these replays will be nowhere near as fun as actually watching the game live in VR, which won’t be possible this year. But it’s better than nothing, and at least signals a continuing trend of networks finally warming up to allowing their content to be shown in VR. Plus, the Super Bowl is an inherently social viewing experience that most of us watch with friends, so you probably don’t want a headset strapped to your face all game anyways.

The app, which is powered by LiveLike, currently works on both Gear VR and Cardboard – and also has a 360-degree viewing experience for people that don’t have a headset and just want to try out VR.

We’ve already taken an in-depth look at the Fox Sports VR App, and liked how much more interactive it was than most VR streaming apps which just display content on a wall for you to see. Instead, the Fox Sports app actually puts you inside a “private suite” at a stadium, and literally lets you look out and watch the game (or in this case, the replays) from six different camera angles.

Viewers will need to sign in with their cable account to watch the game.

The Super Bowl starts at 6:30pm ET this Sunday February 5th, and you can download the FOX Sports VR App here for iOS, Android and Gear VR.

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