Social video app Beme shuts down today

When CNN picked up Casey Neistat’s Beme back in November of last year, it announced that the social video sharing app would go the way of the dodo by the end of January 2017. Now here we sit, mere hours away from the second month of the year and, lo and behold, the app is shutting down today. Those who got in on the action during Beme’s relatively short run as a standalone will still be able to download their content Vine-style.

Beme first arrived on the scene in summer of 2015, garnering some buzz, but ultimately it didn’t quite clear the bar. Following flagging interest in the technology, the service got a grand re-launch last May, with a new interface, some buzz fixes and an explainer video.

The new Beme gained its fans thanks to an innovative interface and the high-profile involvement of people like YouTube darling Neistat, but never quite soared on its own merits. CNN ultimately picked up the service with its production team in mind, in hopes of reaching out to a younger user base. If you find yourself feeling nostalgic for the service’s short run, here’s a reminiscence of its rise, fall and quick acquisition.